Survival Gear

Survival Gear

I’d like to establish and keep a theme of “making tracks in a hurry, without much notice” in my posts and articles here. So, let me ask you this: what comes to mind when you think of survival gear? Is it a large pack full of everything you could possibly need, with a week’s worth of clothes, food and supplies? If so, it doesn’t need to be.

In the event that you have to throw together a bag of the essentials it’s imperative that we keep things simple. Remember earlier when I said, “don’t pack the house”? This is what I’m talking about. There are companies that sell pocket-sized survival tins that have all the basic tools in them to survive for a given period of time. These tins are about the size of an Altoids tin and contain matches or a lighter stick, water purification tablets/drops, string, minimal first aid gear and a blade of some sort or multi-tool small enough to fit. These things run roughly 20 USD and can really be put together yourself for about the same, to considerably cheaper.

EDC Survival kit

Every Day Carry survival kit

Add this to a backpack that contains a change of clothes (keep it simple to keep it light), a cooking utensil/pot, water container, a few plastic bags and some nylon line and you’ve got a quick, but effective survival pack. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have effective survival gear.