Bugging Out

“Bugging Out”

I like to think of this as “traveling light and fast, with only the essentials packed”. There are numerous websites out in the web that have devoted their entire presence to being the go-to source for information on ultralight (UL) backpacking. I want to share with you the basics of this concept and get you started on the road to “light and fast traveling” for now.

If you imagine UL backpacking to consist of packing on the bare essentials, or items with multiple uses, while leaving out the heavier things you’d be right on par with the idea. There are tonnes of equipment out there for backpacking that can get very elaborate and end up with you lugging around a 40+ lb pack, or, going in the opposite direction, having a couple changes of clothes, a multi-tool, a couple cooking items and water purifying items thrown into a normal 2-/3-pocket backpack.

I like to keep it simple. When packed correctly, a standard school-book backpack should suffice if you’re needing to make trails in a hurry.